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Harney County Chamber of Commerce

Harney County Government, Official Site:

Burns Schools Site:

Crane Schools Site:
398 N. Broadway
Burns, OR 97720
Phone, 541-573-3639
Fax , 541-573-7800
Schools in Harney County
Churches in Harney County*
   Bible Baptist Christian Academy 
   Burns Christian Church 
   Burns Foursquare Church 
   Calvary Chapel  
   Catholic Church 
   Christian Church Thrift Shop 
   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
   Faith Baptist Church of Harney 
   First Ev Lutheran Church
   Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall 
   Lazy Rodeo Church of Christ 
   Sage Valley Mennonite Church 
   Seventh Day Adventist Church
   St Andrews Episcopal Church

*church list taken from GoogleMaps®.  If your church is not listed here,
  please send an email to to get it added.
Libraries in Harney County
Parks in Harney County
Hospital in Harney County